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Bash Blends ® | Elemental Healing & Sacred Space Kits

Bash Blends ® | Elemental Healing & Sacred Space Kits

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WBK™ Series | Elemental Healing & Sacred Space Kits

by Bash Blends ®

On a Universal level of truth, you are your own Sacred Space/Temple/Altar; making any physical Sacred Space outside of self merely a reflection of your Inner Sacred Space/Temple/Altar. Sacred Space has been held in reverence and honor for hundreds of years, this being a place in which we interact with the Divine, facilitate our healings, and work with energy. 

Whether you are in need of a permanent Altar set-up or a temporary oasis of peace, we will design a kit specifically for you. Mystics of all experience levels can benefit from the contents received and the educational literature companion. Each item is intuitively selected per order, based upon the chosen theme, and to bring the ancient ways of knowing into the Modern Age.

Kit Details:
  • Energy Bath Salt Blend
  • Incantation Scroll
  • Energy Representation (set by theme)
  • Offering Activity 
  • Black Witches Salt Talisman
  • Candles (set by theme)
  • Journal
  • Pink Himalayan Rock Salt
  • 4-6 Additional Items intuitively selected per purchase and based upon chosen theme. 

Literature Detail ( set by theme):
  • How to Prepare 
  • Healing Ceremony or Ritual 
  • Journal Prompts, Affirmations, & Meditation 
  • About Your Kit

CAUTION: Spirit & Elemental Offering, Representatives, Candles & Bath Blend VARY PER KIT. All Items will vary from photos. Photos are Prototype. CUSTOM MADE PER ORDER.

Handcrafted Product.